Moving to Paris: 

a virtual workshop about the 8 most important  

December 13th

at 10:00 PM Paris time 


It’s happening:
you’re moving to Paris!

Now it’s time to kick off the process, but you’re probably wondering, where do I even begin?! We’re here to warn you that although the end result is very rewarding, the process is certainly not for the faint of heart. There’s lots of paperwork to be filled out, hours spent dealing with French bureaucracy, and plenty of roadblocks to overcome.

Luckily, this isn’t our first rodeo. Or second. Or third, for that matter. We’ve helped hundreds of families relocate to Paris, and we want to help you get started! Whether you’re looking to hire a relocation agency, have already hired one, or this is your newest DIY project, there’s something
that everyone can learn.

Take that first step and join us for
a FREE workshop
on Monday, December 13th
at 10:00 PM Paris time.

During the webinar, you will learn about the following:

→ Immigration

→ House hunting

→ Schools & nurseries

→ How to hire a nanny

→ Pilot trip → what is it & do you need to do one?

→ French administration

→ How to choose a moving company & prepare for the move

→ Preparation for your arrival

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Their words, not ours! Testimonials from our clients

I want to thank Justyna and the team at Your Friend in Paris for all their help and services. They were a pleasure to deal with and if it weren’t for them we would not have been able to move during the Covid-19 crisis. […] I would FULLY recommend their services to anyone who needs help on navigating the complexities of moving in France.

Jacqueline Thorley

Lifesavers. They are effective, efficient and very personable, a real joy to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Tom Shah

I highly recommend [them]! I have consulted them on a number of services and they have exceeded my expectations.

Dharsh, Paris

Meet your workshop host

Having originally moved to France in 2007, Justyna has 14 years of experience as an expat in Paris. She comes from a project management background, which she has found to be a particularly helpful mindset when applying it to large-scale endeavors in hers & her client’s lives… such as uprooting your life and moving to Paris!

As a PCC-level certified coach (with the International Coaching Federation), in addition to taking care of all of the intimate details of your relocation and administrative needs, I’m also here and ready to help with the other major component of relocating to Paris: the mental health aspect. It’s not uncommon for feelings of stress, fear, and doubt (personally or professionally) to arise in the face of such a huge change, and it’s important to have a friend in Paris who can help you manage that.

Justyna Simmons

Who are we?

First and foremost, we are expats that have been living in France for a combined total of 31 years. We have faced the challenges that you have, and the ones you’ve probably never even thought of… repeatedly!

We guide our clients through their entire “Expat in Paris” journey. We help them relocate, settle in, solve all of their “everyday life” problems, and when it’s time, leave Paris.

Our company is fully digitalized, which allows us the opportunity to serve our international clients with top-tier service, regardless of where they are in the world. Our vast network of friends and official partners makes us your go-to agency no matter what your needs are. Whether it’s hiring a nanny, opening a bank account, buying or renting a house/apartment, or simply repairing a leaking tap – we’re here for you.

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