Your Friend in Paris

Relocation Agency

Supporting Expats since 2009

We’re a group of former Expats. We remember very well the “fish out of water” feeling. If only we had an “inside man” a “Friend in Paris”. Someone who knows this city who knows how thigs work here. Speaks the language.

Thats why we decided to create an agency for Expats that are with you all the way. We … as early as “how about we move to Paris”? Through: “we’re here, yeay! Now what?”

We’ll help you plan your life in Paris and then we’ll prepare everything for you so all you need to do is…fly over!

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My Expat story: I came to Paris in 2007 on a 2 year Expat assignment. I came on a Sunday and on Monday I was already at work. 60h weeks- I had no time to do all the admin stuff! It took me 2 years to obtain my first Carte Vitale (Health insurance). I have spent 4 months (!!!) in a hotel keeping my stuff in a trunk of my car, because I struggled renting an apartment. If I only had a Friend in Paris!

My role at YFiP: I’m a Project Manager and Business Coach. I make sure your move is structured and well prepared. That you have enough time to prepare everything up front “back home” and that your “settling in” in Paris is nice and smooth. When you decide to start or transfer your business in France/Paris I will support you as a business coach and consultant.


My Expat story: I came to France 3 years ago as a…trailer husband:-)

My role at YFiP I will make sure all your admin is well in order. I solve all roadblocks with all French administation puts in front of you. And I’m very good at it!


My Expat story: I came to France in 2009 and I am the founding father of Your Friend in Paris. I quickly realized that many of my fellow Americans live part time in Paris and Part time in the US (or other part of the world). I became Your Friend in Paris for them, taking care of their businesses, properties and anything else here in Paris. With time YFiP is growing and today we assist all Expats making their Parisian dream come true.

My role at YFiP I will find you a home and stay with you all the way until you move in.



31, Avenue de Ségur, 75007 Paris