When you arrive in Paris, the party is just getting started. There’s more to the immigration process than just getting your visa in-hand, hopping on a plane, and landing at CDG. There’s a whole other part of it that begins after you arrive here, during your first 90 days.

What’s to start during those crucial first 90 days?

Join the Your Friend in Paris Facebook group to access our free live Q&A session! Our co-founder, Justyna Simmons, will answer your questions about all of the things that might hit you out of nowhere – because the best questions arise after you’ve already landed and hit the ground running. 

Grab your evening glass of wine (or tea, whichever floats your boat!), late night snack, your laptop, and we’ll have a good time learning! Make sure to join the group prior to the live event, so we can answer any & all of your most burning questions. Topics that we’ll discuss include getting all set up with French healthcare, dealing with French immigration after you arrive, receiving CAF benefits, exchanging your drivers license, becoming a tax resident in France, and more!

À bientôt, and we’ll see you there!

First 90 Days in Paris – DETAILS

  • When: Monday, September 13th at 10:00 PM Paris time
  • Where: Your Friend in Paris Facebook group
  • What: everything you need to know about your first 90 days in Paris
  • Why: because there are still trials & tribulations after happily ever after begins!