FREE WEBINAR: How to move to Paris?

“Honey. We’re moving to Paris!

This is a sentence we’ve all heard, said or both: said to ourselves.

The excitement! The thrill! The joy!

What comes next?

You celebrate. You tell everyone around, you are watching Emily in Paris and imagine yourself in her place.

You start searching the internet to learn everything about life in Paris.


You start asking around, join expats groups, soon to discover that…everyone tells you its quite hard.

Looks like everything from visa process to fininding an apartment – and not to even mention french admin – is going to be hmmm adventurous.

And your expat experience doesn’t seem to be of much help as all you find is in French.


Where to even start?

How is relocation to Paris different from your previous experiences?

What needs to be done and in which order?

How long ahead I need to plan it?

How much is it going to cost me?

Where to look for help?

2020 Edition question: Can it all be done remotely?


Take a deep breth, because if you’re asking yourself those questions, let me tell you:

Those are the excellent questions to be asked when you plan a relocation.


Those are the questions all our clients bring and those are the questions we help them answer.

You want to find answers that are yours. Each relocation is different because we are all different.

They will be different if you move alone and for 1 year as a single under 30 and different if you are a family of 4 with a wonderful dog named Pluto.


Let us guide you through your move.

Join our free 1h webinar for people moving to Paris and learn from our relocation experts.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where to start?
  • What are the key components to successful relocation?
  • How is relocation to Paris different from your previous experiences?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What documents you should prepare?
  • Where to look for help?


Rachel, CA

Those guys are amazing!

I asked them for help getting social security card and they managed to get me one in 1 week.

Dharsh, Paris

I highly

I have consulted them on a number of services and they have exceeded my expectations.

Verity, Paris

I’m so grateful to YFiP!

I only wished I’d used them from the start as it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.

Who are we?

Well first and foremost we are expats that have been living in France for a combined 31 years. We are expats that have faced the challenges that you have and ones you’ve never even thought of…….repeatedly!

We accompany our clients through their entire “Expat in Paris” journey. We help them relocate, settle in, solve all “every day life” problems and finally leave France.

Our company is fully digitalized, which is gives us the liberty to provide you with 100% of services, despite the current confinement. Our large network of friends and official partners makes us your go to agency no matter what you need. From hiring a nanny, opening a bank account, buying a house/apartment to simply repairing a leaking tap.

Do you have a question? Let us know via contact form on our website. We’ll answer in no time!