Since the very moment you saw the two little lines on the pregnancy test you felt it in your heart: life is going to change drastically!

Good news: we have your back and we have prepared a blog series of two posts on pregnancy in Paris. Stay updated and check out our blog.

Also good news: there are many great reasons to be happy to be pregnant than France, calming your cravings with a warm pain au chocolat being only one of them (funny fact, in French pregnancy, is translated as grossesse, also meaning… fattiness).

Let’s see what to do and what to expect from Pregnant in Paris – work & health coverage

Pregnant in Paris

Keep calm and read on

At Your friends in Paris, where we total an amazing of 4 baby-globe-trotters, we personally know it’s very hard to be pregnant abroad. You’re probably missing your family, your friends, your comfort food from back home. You feel lost and dealing with both your hormones and the overwhelming French administration.

Fear thou not, and read through to get great advice from pro-mums! You’re covered!

Pregnant in Paris – health coverage

Don’t worry:

France has one of the best coverages in the world for pre and post-natal medical care.

Compared to other countries such as U.K., Sweden, Italy or Germany, in France you will get more and more frequent consultations and exams. Also, we wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy, but to give you the complete picture, France has also a comparatively better follow up for pathological pregnancies. And on top of that, you will have other benefits such as a free dental visit and 7 sessions of preparation to the birth, sometimes including yoga or sophrology. Yay!


To benefit of this amazing coverage, make sure you have your social security in order as soon as possible, or we can take care of it for you

You can claim the full reimbursement of the basic medical care from social security if you have regularly lived in France for a minimum of 3 months.

Private insurance (Mutuelle) usually reimburses some additional charges such as:

  • an individual room at the maternity,
  • physiotherapy,
  • private clinics or doctors (non-conventionnées)…

you might want to check your coverage before booking that superstar professor that delivered Carla Bruni’s baby.

Pregnant in Paris – work

Under French law, you are not obliged to reveal your pregnancy to your employer until the maternity leave notice is due (4 to 6 weeks before the supposed date of birth). 

However, you might want to inform your employer beforehand (a good rule of thumb is after your pregnancy certificate is established, around 3-4 months of pregnancy) to be covered against unlawful dismissal and to benefit of rights such as permits to visits and exams, or reduced work hours.  

How to get a (much needed) helping hand

You don’t have to navigate all this alone! You don’t have your family to help around, and maybe you still didn’t find your tribe here. 

Don’t worry: you can get extra help from public administration and associations

Depending on your income, you can claim from CAF several benefits. These benefits include a one-time contribution at your baby’s birth, a monthly amount during three years for the first necessities, further allocations to fund the childcare or education or a help to get social housing. 

If the family unity is at stake, a social intervention can be asked up to 100 hours with a minimal to no expense. The social worker (AVS or TIFS) will undertake the housekeeping or the education/childcare, supporting the family in difficult times. 

A gift for you

As a brave mum-to-be navigating these difficult waters, we are happy to give you a free 20 minutes consultation to go through your personal situation and answer any further question you might have.

Click here and book it now:


What additional benefits does private insurance (Mutuelle) offer for pregnant women in France?

This depends on which Mutuelle you choose. Each one is different and offers different benefits for pregnant women. Be sure to do your research before choosing one to make sure it has the best benefits for your situation.

How long is maternity leave in France?

The length of pre- and post- natal leave in France is determined by the number of children you already have. For your first and second child, you will receive 6 weeks of pre-natal leave and 10 weeks of post-natal leave. For any additional children you will receive 8 weeks of pre-natal leave and 18 weeks of post-natal leave.

Do I have to take all of my maternity leave in France?

No! You don’t have to use all of your maternity leave, however you are required to take off 8 weeks, with 6 of those being after the birth.

Is maternity leave paid in France?

No, however you may be entitled to a Daily Maternity Allowance as part of social security. To find out if you qualify visit the French Government’s webpage on the topic here.

Have in mind that it is our first post on Pregnant in Paris and check our blog regularly! You may be also interested in How to hire a nanny in France – A step-by-step explanation. Enjoy reading!

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