They trusted us, so can you

We have worked with Your Friend in Paris for many years and highly recommend them. They are professional and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Services provided for us include managing our personal apartment in Paris (eg, filing an insurance claim for water damage, hiring  contractors and overseeing bath and flooring renovations, sorting out tax problems, replacing old appliances and more). The Company has also managed property rentals for us including acquisition of clients, rental agreements, collection of rents and property repairs and cleaning. Your Friend in Paris has truly been indispensable to making property ownership there a positive experience. We are happy to continue to use their services as often as necessary.

Mary Donn Jordan

I don’t usually rate, but I had to this time due to exceptional service. Thanks a lot guys for all your help with dealing with “famous” French bureaucracy. With your experience and awesome approach we didn’t have any problems. I totally recommend Your Friend in Paris if you want to save a lot of time, stress and money. All the best!

Michal Guzdzik

I’m so grateful to Your Friend in Paris for helping me with a very tricky administration situation. I only wished I’d used them from the start as it would have saved me a lot of time and stress! Thank you!

Verity Ashton

I had used their service twice and they were very attentive and provided the needed support quite quickly.  It gives me a comfort to have them whenever there’s something wrong with the apartment and not sure where to start!

Yukiko Matsuyoshi

Your Friend in Paris m’a beaucoup aidée! Française mais très prise par le travail, je leur ai fait appel pour m’aider dans des démarches administratives dont je n’avais pas le temps de m’occuper. Service rapide, de qualité et à un prix raisonnable, heureusement qu’ils étaient là quand je me suis installée à Paris!

Em G

Attended a workshop on Social programs available in France for families and how to apply. So useful!

Barbara Trimpi

I am so so pleased to know and work with the Your Friend in Paris team. I have consulted them on a number of services/issues and they have exceeded my expectations on all occasions. Some of my service queries have been on CAF, hiring a nanny, starting a business and Collections and Drop off within Paris. The team are highly personable and tailor their service and approach to You. I have worked with both David and Justyna and find their expert knowledge and many years of experience to be very comforting when navigating admin and tasks in a foreign country and especially having limited French. They truly are Your Friend in Paris and my Go To for all things French related. I highly recommend their services.

Dharsh Pillay

Those guys were amazing. I asked them for help getting social security card and they managed to get me one in 1 week. Their prices are also very reasonable (or even cheap for Paris). 

Working with them was a pleasure: they are very responsive and friendly.

They have become my “go to” company whenever I have a question or problem with French Administration.