Relocating from Paris: FREE Facebook Live Q&A

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Relocations

Saying “au revoir” to Paris can be just as demanding as the initial “bonjour”. There’s just so much to do, such as canceling all your contracts, deciding what’s coming home with you & what isn’t, shipping your belongings home, preparing your apartment for the outgoing “état des lieux”, and much more!

Join me for a free, live Q&A session about relocating from Paris. Click the button below for a special video, from me, with more information about the live event, and start thinking about what questions you’d like answered.


About us

We are expats that have been living in France for a combined 31 years. We are expats that have faced the challenges that you have and ones you’ve never even thought of.

We are your friends to lend you a helping hand and put you on the path to success in Paris. Whether it concerns coming, living or leaving we are a group dedicated to making life as easy as possible!


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