Moving to another country is a real challenge. New culture, new language and unknown faces all around. It might raises a lot of emotions, from excitement to simple panic attack. Saying goodbye to your comfort zone is difficult, however there is a way to survive and enjoy to the fullest this amazing moment of your life. We will show you how to overcome obstacles which might pop up on your way and how to adapt to a new environment. Join our webinar and discover our complex guide for Paris newcomers!

What you will learn:

  • Pre-arrival checklist – documents you shouldn’t forget about
  • Getting around – transport/shops/restaurants in a nutshell
  • Bureaucracy – all you should know about
  • Cultural shock – 5 things that are normal in France but seems weird elswhere
  • How can we help you?


Rachel, CA

Those guys are amazing!

I asked them for help getting social security card and they managed to get me one in 1 week.

Dharsh, Paris

I highly recommend!

I have consulted them on a number of services and they have exceeded my expectations.

Verity, Paris

I’m so grateful to YFiP!

I only wished I’d used them from the start as it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.

Who are we?

Well first and foremost we are expats that have been living in France for a combined 31 years. We are expats that have faced the challenges that you have and ones you’ve never even thought of…….repeatedly! We accompany our clients through their entire “Expat in Paris” journey. We help them relocate, settle in, solve all “every day life” problems and finally leave France. Our company is fully digitalized, which is gives us the liberty to provide you with 100% of services, despite the current confinement. Our large network of friends and official partners makes us your go to agency no matter what you need. From hiring a nanny, opening a bank account, buying a house/apartment to simply repairing a leaking tap. Do you have a question? Let us know via contact form on our website. We’ll answer in no time!