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Relocating to Paris

Moving to another country is something that needs to be carefully planned and executed. There are many things to consider to move yourself and/or your family from wherever you are to Paris! Here are just a few:

– How do you actually emigrate from your home country to here?
– Where are you going to live?
– What documents do you need and how to translate them?
– What are you bringing and what is staying in your home country?
– What do you do about social security and other French Administration needs?
– What about schools (if needed)?

The list of questions and things to do can be daunting! Not to worry as you have a Friend in Paris to take care of it!
We offer extensive help with all facets of the relocation process.
We approach your move like a project and use project management tools and timelines to ensure all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed.

With your Friend in Paris you have a dedicated team to partner with and take some of the stress out of landing on the strange new planet called Paris 🙂

Departure Services

All good things must come to an end, including your Parisian life.
Just as we help you arrive and settle-in, we will also help settle your affairs and leave with peace of mind.

We can help organize and assist at the move-out inspection/inventory. We will advise you on what needs to be done in your apartment before you leave to ensure you get your security deposit back. And, of course, we will cancel all utilities and affairs related to your apartment so you do not pay any excessive or unnecessary fees.

Our Process is based off of a project management model to ensure that nothing is missed and everything is done on time.

– Meeting to discuss and evaluate all that needs to be done
– Project model to outline the steps to be taken
– Finding and scheduling mover and packers
– Sending official and certified letters of cancellation to all necessary entities
– Scheduling and executing pre-walkthrough with the landlord, agency, or concerned party to go over any work that need to be done to ensure the return of the security deposit.
– Scheduling the aforementioned work with the handyman or renovation company (according to the amount that needs to be done).
– Finding and scheduling the cleaners for the final clean.
– Overseeing the movers, then the apartment rehab worker(s) and finally the cleaners.
– Final walkthrough and restitution of the keys. Also, at this point we will take and return any equipment (such as Internet and/cable boxes) to the necessary institutions, if unable to do so before this point.
– Last, but not least, any necessary follow up with the necessary parties to be sure that contracts are cancelled and no sneaky deductions are still coming from your accounts. Following up on this point, it is advisable not to close down your bank account(s) in France for the short term. It will much easier to get your deposit back into a French account than sending it to a foreign account, thus reducing delays. It is also probably that you may have some lingering tax issues to be settled. Again, much better to still have your account in France.

House hunting

Relocating to a city you don’t know is not easy. Let us find your place, instead. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we can help. A long term rental or short term. We’ve got you covered.

The apartment rental in Paris and its suburbs can be very challenging. Things work very differently here than what you may be used to. The market is a owner’s market and not a renter’s market. In essence, you need to shine (impress?) in order to be considered for an apartment. You may see something you like but it’s up to the owner to choose you over the other renters vying for the same place. Let us help you get your application/dossier in top order to make you stand out over the others. We accompany you from the initial search to the signing of the lease. With capabilities for remote visits and other conveniences you can take the leg work out of the search.

That’s not the end though. What’s an apartment without electricity and internet? Once we’ve found your home, we’ll make sure to get all the utilities up and running!

Services offered:

– Dossier Preperation (your personal house hunting CV)
– Intensive Search and Daily Progress Updates
– Scheduling Visits
– Remote Visits (you don’t even have to be here!)
– Contract Signing
– Final walk through inspection, before getting the keys
– Utilities connection
Housewarming Party (Currently unavailable because of the last one we threw)

French administration

This is a biggie as French administration is unnecessarily complicated and mind-numbingly slow. We are all expats and have been where you are now. A long list of documents (in French) is staring you in the face to do what you thought would be a simple task. You’ve may not understand what you’re being ask for (even if you speak French) and thought this process would be easy. Let us handle it! We specialize in handling your paperwork. Getting your health insurance, social security, CAF, CPAM, OFII, or LMNOP (ok, we made that one up) we can help! We know what to do and who to call so you can relax. We have become an official partner and have direct on-line access to most of them.

Family services

The single life in Paris can be great but that’s not you is it? It’s not us either. We have a family and we know how it is. Luckily, there are numerous things that you can do make life easier. Kids are school age? It’s very likely since they have to start at 3 years old here. There’s lots of choices. There are even special programs in the public schools that are adapted to help foreign kids learn French quickly and integrate rapidly.

A cleaner would be nice. Nanny, perhaps? Daycares (creche en français) here are pretty good and you can get a nice reimbursement from CAF, mentioned in our French admin section. Perhpas you have a big family? Did you know that there are special discounts you can have? We know. We got you covered on all your family needs:

– School and/or Creche Search and application.
– Nanny Hire. We can help you find them and hire them, legally…it’s more    complicated than you think.
– Hiring a Cleaner, again legally.

Let’s not forget about our four-legged members of the family! They are just as lost as you if not more so. They need their paperwork in order as well. And……not all taxis take pets. We can help arrange special transport as well.

Expat coaching

Coming soon.

Other services

A little bit extra! Perhaps you have something that does really fit in with our other services. Yes can still help. Perhaps you need a good plumber; maybe some renovation work; you’re looking for a doctor or just need to make an appointment somewhere, but can’t quite manage it. We can help as well. Our concierge service can handle it. We even offer rides with guaranteed car seats for all ages. Like a good friend we really do have you covered for most things that you’d want.