Living in a Parisian apartment
in 2020 was eye-opening.

After close to a year of being confined to your classic Parisian apartment, it is no wonder you are restless, and discontent in your current living situation. Maybe there are little kids running in the apartment above you all day long while your working remotely in yoga pants, dressed up just enough with brushed hair and lipstick, in case a Zoom call catches you off guard. Maybe living 24/7 in a studio is making you a little crazy, or a bigger, fully equipped kitchen suddenly becomes crucial since you’re cooking all the time. Or, like many, you just want to be able to let your kids run around outback in the garden.

It’s safe to say that everyone in Paris has reconsidered their living situation since the pandemic rocked our worlds almost a year ago. Many don’t see a fit with the city lifestyle now that all its perks and charms have been chipped away. Others couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and hope that things will soon all return to normal, but even they have become intolerant of their current home situation and want something new.

But moving in adulthood is no small endeavor, especially if you have children. Just a quick search online is daunting and brings back nightmares of finding the home you are currently in.


Is it really worth the weeks and often months of searching and visiting homes?

“Oh geeze I have so much stuff now, what will it cost to move all of it?!”

But what if you didn’t have to deal
with these pains at all?

Imagine being handed the keys to the new home that you’ve been dreaming about this past year. As you walk in the door, the floors are sparkling clean, all your things are neatly placed away, and there is even a fresh coat of the paint you’ve been wanting in your living room. The TV and wifi are connected, the utilities working and in your name, and your gorgeous chandelier is installed. Your kids are excited for more space, you and your partner are thrilled for a new change of scenery. A fresh start to mark the end of a most trying year. They deserve this, and you deserve this.

How to change apartment in Paris?

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From home selection:

  • to preparing the dossier,
  • to packing and unpacking,
  • renovations, titles, utilities,

All you do is fill out a survey of what you want in a home, and we can manage all the rest for you! Relocation management

Don’t put it off any longer!
You deserve to feel great in your home!
You deserve to love where you live! 

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How to change apartment in Paris