Many of our clients have been asking us about the impact of the upcoming Olympics (July 26, 2024 – August 11, 2024) and Paralympics (August 28, 2024 – September 8, 2024) on their relocation projects. So, we wanted to share what we currently know and what impacts this may have on your plans in Paris. Let’s find out how the Olympics will affect your move to Paris!

Immigration Procedures:

There should be no real impact on immigration procedures. In anticipation of the Olympics, the French government established a “Consulat Olympique.” This measure aims to streamline procedures for everyone involved with the Olympics, bypassing normal channels.

So, while immigration procedures will be slow and tedious, this is completely normal and not because of the Olympics.


We can expect a scarcity of short term rentals this summer as well as a steep increase in price. Many people are coming to Paris for the Olympics with large housing budgets (400€+ per night). This, in combination with the increased demand, is resulting in significant price increases for short term rentals. While there is a scarcity of short term rentals, for those looking for temporary housing still have options. Many hotels and Air BnBs still have availability.

For long-term rentals (which is what you are probably looking for) there is still lots of availability. Although, many landlords are converting their long-term rentals into short-term rentals to profit from the increased demand during the summer. The biggest long-term rental real estate agencies have taken the decision not to cater to the Olympics all together. They have judged the cost of “maintenance” will not be manageable for them at that peak season.

The Olympics will not significantly affect the permanent housing market, except for reducing the available options. With interest rates rising, fewer people are buying homes to rent out. We have also seen fewer options on the market as many people are keeping their leases through the summer to avoid moving during the Olympics.

Perhaps the most significant impact the Olympics will have on those looking to find housing will be the reduced transportation options. With reduced transport, visiting potential apartments and moving into apartments will be more difficult because of the games. Let’s see which transportation methods will change during the games.


In preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics, certain parts of Paris and it’s surrounding neighborhoods where Olympic events are taking place have been designated as Blue, Red, or Gray zones.

areas of Paris affected by Olympics

During the Olympics and Paralympics these highlighted areas will be much harder to access by car. This will affect moving companies ability to get your items to your new home if you are living in/around these areas. Moving companies will be able to submit a request for access to these areas in advance. However, even with permission to access these areas we can expect delays and increased inconvenience for all parties involved. For more information on how to plan your move during the Olympics, you can check out the French government’s official webpage on the topic here.

Authorities will issue residents in Red zones a QR code for pedestrian access to their homes, but they will prohibit car transportation in these areas. There will be controls set up through out these areas and inhabitants may want to carry proof of housing with them to guarantee they will not run into any issues. Some examples of “proof of housing” would be recent utilities bills (electricity or water) or recent rent bills with your name and address on them.

During and leading up to the games, the metro stops surrounding the sites for Olympic and Paralympic events will also be affected. For the full list of which metro and tram stops will be affected and when, you can see the French government’s official page on the matter here, as well as use their interactive map here.


Overall, transportation will be the most significantly affected aspect of relocations during the Olympics. If you are planning on moving into or out of one of the Blue or Red zones this summer you may want to move before or after the Olympics, or plan your move well in advance.

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