5 tips before you leave France

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Relocations

After all this time you’ve spent establishing your life in Paris, setting up various accounts and signing up to services, now the time has come to say “Au revoir!”

Where to start?
It’s a job no one is looking forward to.

Let us give you 5 tips before you leave France – how to approach this endeavour:

1. Plan it in advance:

Write down all of your tasks, then estimate how long each will take. Lastly, put it all on a calendar. This way you will have it under control.

2. Label your stuff:

Green Post-its for everything you are shipping to the new location.
Red Post-its for everything you want to get rid of.
Yellow for everything you are travelling with.

3. Take stock of all of your contracts and check their cancellation policy:

  • Apartment rental contract
  • Utilities such as Gas, electricity, internet, mobile phones, gym, public transportation, etc…
  • Administration: Social Security, Carte Vitale, CAF, Pole Emploi, URSSAF. Basically everyone in the French government that should know you’re moving away!
  • Credits
  • Miscellaneaous

You should always give notice of a cancellation with a certified letter!!!!!

4. Prepare your apartment:

You want that deposit back, right? Well then your apartment needs to be in perfect shape:

  • Everything that was not there when you moved-in generally needs to be removed. Even if it doesn’t make too much sense: kitchen furniture, carpet on floors, curtain rods – all gone!
  • Small touch-ups or even big paint: re-plaster all wholes.
  • Professional full and deep clean absolutely EVERYTHING.
  • Check your contract to see if you are obliged to do more obscure things, such as re-doing sealant joints or painting the wooden parts of your terrace, etc.


5. Prepare the transition for you and your family. Where are you going to go after you give the keys back?

OR, if you want to have it all dealt with in just one click- take an appointment with us! We’ll take care of it all for you. That way all you have to do is plan your farewell party!

Your Friend in Paris is happy to report another successful customer relocation from Paris:

  • all of the above was handled by us from A to Z.
  • Client received 100% of their rental deposit back and all contracts were cancelled in time – so no extra months were charged or fees applied.
  • That’s what we call a stress-free relocation.


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