All good things must come to an end, including your time in Paris! Our relocation services for expats aren’t limited to moving to Paris. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly team is also here to ensure that the trip back home goes just as smoothly as your arrival in the City of Lights.

Let us start by asking how you envision the weeks and days leading up to the move back home. If you don’t see yourself sitting on the beach somewhere in France enjoying one last glass of fine French wine while reminiscing on your time in Paris, you’re getting it all wrong.

Below we’ve made two to-do lists for moving back home. Pick which one you want to be yours:

To-Do List #1:

  • Go visit that one museum that you never got the chance to go to
  • Stuff yourself with pain au chocolats, cheese, and viennoiseries
  • Enjoy a weekend by the beach 
  • Have a spritz on the seine while watching the sunset

To-Do List #2:

  • Schedule your flights 
  • Coordinate with the agency about apartment details (what can stay , exit inspection, visits, etc)
  • Cancel ALL the contracts but just in time not to live without internet or electricity
  • Define necessary renovations (patching holes, painting, etc), book and supervise the contractors
  • Sort out getting the dog and cat home
  • Go get boxes for shipping your stuff 
  • Pack all of your belongings 
  • Coordinate the shipping details for all of your boxes
  • Wait for the shipping service to arrive at your door
  • Put all of your belongings in their truck
  • Supervise the movers & make sure that your crystal lamp is protected by layers of bubble wrap
  • Wait for the wine storage service to come pick up your most cherished bottles of French wine 
  • Dismantle and dispose of all furniture you don’t want to take with you but can’t stay in the apartment
  • Professionally clean the apartment from top to bottom
  • Inform all of the necessary French administration offices about your departure
  • Complete the outgoing état des lieux 
  • And most importantly:  receive the entirety of your security deposit back!!!
  • The list goes on and on…

If you chose list #1, we’re here and ready to work through list #2 efficiently and quickly. At Your Friend in Paris, we are committed to making your last few weeks in Paris completely stress-free! You sit back, relax, and trust us with all the tough stuff. After all, we’d hate for you to leave Paris without actually having the time to enjoy it. 

Au Revoir Paris: Leaving doesn't have to be difficult with experienced team, which helps with moving house
Source: AndreyPopov from Getty Images, Canva

We are proud to provide our clients with our one-of-a-kind “Au Revoir Paris” service, which limits their involvement to only packing whatever luggage they wish to bring with them on the plane, while we pack everything else! We are also proud to share that we have a 100% success rate with getting our clients’ entire security deposits returned to them. 

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts today to get started on the journey back home.

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